Regional Folk


  1. Cambridge folk
    These pages are intended to tell you about the folky things you can do in and around Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.


  1. West Cumbria Folk Music
    Singarounds/Sessions and Concerts
  2. Folk Music Cumbria
    A face book group


  1. PR Promotions
    This our programme of folk, roots and acoustic music events here in Derbyshire, where we always give you a warm welcome and an Ey up mi duck!


  1. Flaxey-Green
    Devon folk musicians, folk music, folk sessions, ceilidhs and more!


  1. SAD Folk
    The Somerset and Dorset Folk Diary (or SaDFolk) is based around a weekly email service, listing ‘folk’ events in Somerset and Dorset.


  1. Essex Folk Association
    ESSEX FOLK ASSOCIATION encourages knowledge, understanding, conservation & appreciation of folk arts; including music, song, dance, drama, story-telling & related folklore & customs


  1. Glos Folk
    The Glosfolk Directory contains a wealth of information about Gloucestershire folk dance and song performers and groups.


  1. The Folk Association of South Hants
    Here you will find information on the vast range of exciting folk-related organisations in South Hampshire and the surrounding regions.


  1. Lancashire Folk 
    Details of Folk Dance and Song Clubs in the Lancashire Area, History of Morris, Dances to Try, Message Board


  1. Leicester Folk Diary
    This diary is produced on a best efforts basis and no responsibility will be accepted for errors or omissions


  1. Folktalk
    Folktalk, providing information on folk music events within the Linconshire and East Yorkshire region and festivals beyond.


  1. Folk London
    Folk London is a bi monthly listings magazine covering folk music, dance and song events in Greater London and beyond.


  1. Norfolk Folk Directory


  1. Oxfordshire Folk Association
    The OFA is an umbrella body co-ordinating folk dance in Oxfordshire. It also organises a few events in its own right, details of which are on the diary page.


  1. Kent Folk
    Live Music information for the county of Kent, UK.


  1. Lancashire Folk
    England’s heritage of folk music, song, dance and traditional customs is one of the richest in the world and is especially strong in Lancashire.


  1. SAD Folk
    The Somerset and Dorset Folk Diary (or SaDFolk) is based around a weekly email service, listing ‘folk’ events in Somerset and Dorset.


  1. The Folk Diary
    What’s On? Folk in North Staffs and surrounding areas.


  1. Sussex Folk Guide

West Midlands

  1. West Midlands Folk Federation
    Folk and Traditional Arts across our region.


  1. Wiltshire Folk Arts
    This is the place where we hope you will find what you are looking for when it comes to Traditional Arts, Music, Dance, Song, Customs and Traditions in Wiltshire.


  1. South Riding Folk Network
    The South Riding Folk Arts Network is a website that brings together news, events and information about the folk arts in Sheffield and surrounding areas.


  1. Gateway to Scotland’s Music


  1. Folk Wales