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Calum Mason - New Single

Calum Mason blends alternative rock and folk with pop sensibilities in his forthcoming single, O Sister

Calum Mason

Calum Mason has announced O Sister will be the second release to be taken from his forthcoming debut album, Panopticon, due to drop later this year.

Hailing from East Lothian, Calum has already had a hand in writing and playing for a host of artists around the UK, including Northern Ireland Music Prize winner Joshua Burnside, Glasgow-based singer-songwriters Jamie Martin, Anna Leyden and Ewan Cruikshanks, and Edinburgh rock bands Edelweiss Pirates and Victorian Trout Conspiracy - to name but a few.

Now, the Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter is focussing on his own solo work and O Sister, due to drop at the end of this month, is the perfect example of Calum’s lyrically driven brand of pop-tinged indie folk.

Weaving a yarn of life after tragedy befalls a small-town community, Calum explores the nuances of mortality and family with heart-rending vocals and story-telling ability reminiscent of names like Ben Howard or Laura Marling. The folkloric nature of Calum’s music complements its pop sensibilities and lends a tangible element of nostalgia to his sound.

O Sister is the follow-up to Calum’s debut single, All Court and Flex. Written and recorded in 2020, the song was conceived from the chaos of last year and exists as a comparison between modern day cynicism and old-fashioned forgiveness and sincerity.