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Alissa Arnason - 'Lighthouse'

Gorgeous new single 'Lighthouse' from Alissa Arnason

Alissa Arnason

A self-confessed working-class Patsy Cline, but a bit more ethereal. If you’re about to shelve Alissa Arnason amongst the other folk/country artists in yourlibrary, dust off that shelf and think again, for Arnason is in a league of her own.Conceived in the prairie town of Mozart SK ( ..yes that’s right), on Schubert St, (yes,right again..) it’s as if the stars had already decided music would be her path in life. Byday, however, Arnason works as a cook for gold miners in bush camps. These bushcamps are so remote that we’ve never heard of them, and it’s this nomadic, braveexistence along with the deep submergence into nature, that make this woman, andher music what they are. Songs about being tired from work, the relentless passing oftime, memories, unconventional ways of living, along with love songs and lullabies tonature and the universe. Alissa has also studied the art of energy healing and citesthat to her, there is no difference between the two worlds of healing and art - her artis her healing, and the two are her gift to the world. Her gorgeous forthcoming singleLighthouse, to be released on World Peach Records 06/11, is the first recordingArnason has released in 7 years, and she feels that this is her wild entrance back intothe music world. A song she describes as “raw and honest, one that really gets to theguts of the complexity of love”. A tale of letting go and accepting what is instead ofholding on, specifically to a lover, who she describes as a Lighthouse. She hopes thatin hearing it the listener feels permission to be vulnerable and honest in their ownforms of self-expression. But IMHO Alissa is the true Lighthouse here, a beacon oflight for weary souls in desperate need of some truth and healing, her presence is likea sweet balm for the broken hearted. When she sings your heart will be putty in thepalms of her hands, (just like when she makes brownies for the miners no doubt), andyou will never want to leave.

Arnason will be releasing a further 7 songs this summer via World Peach Records.

About Lighthouse: 'I wrote it about my ex-boyfriend who is just the most beautiful person on the planet, who I really love so much, who has gone out of hisway to make sure that although we are no longer in union, I still feel supported and loved by him. It’s really big meta stuff because it is the true essence of what love means to me! It doesn’t just go away, and you can’t just cancel the person that you shared so much beauty with. And there’s so much love in seeingsomeone you love be happy. He grew up on the water. He is really like a lighthouse for the people in his life- the symbolism of being someone that is just likea beacon of light and direction. It’s a love song about unconventional and unconditional forms of love.' Alissa Arnason