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Rosie Nimmo - 'Where Time Suspends'

Following on from the 2016 album Scrapbook, Rosie Nimmo’s long-awaited fourth album, Where Time Suspends, is due to be released on 5th February 2021. A ten-track blend of folk, pop, blues and jazz influences, the album showcases the strikingly poetic lyrics and inimitable sound that make Rosie one of Scotland’s most coveted talents.

Rosie Nimmo

Produced by Marc Pilley - ex-Hobotalk vocalist, composer and front man who is now releasing music under his own Arksong moniker. With a sound reminiscent of Billie Holiday, Alison Kraus, Patti Smith and Dory Previn, her music floats in the minds and hearts of fans long after listening. Live, Rosie has been performing for years. From Edinburgh’s renowned International Jazz and Blues Festival to Celtic Connections, to audiences in the UK and France. Throughout the pandemic Rosie has performed several online gigs and has hopes for performing live this year when gigs can return.

Her journey toward music began with a career in art therapy. After achieving an A in Higher Art, Rosie studied art therapy for two years and was subsequently offered a job with Barnardo’s Skylight Project, working with children who had been victims of sexual abuse. Although she loved being able to help people through art, the job could be harrowing and Rosie found it difficult to switch off from it. To counteract this, she began to do more of something she loved: playing music.

Rosie said: “One thing I really feel strongly about is that I am absolutely authentic and invest my music with deeply felt emotion.

“I do my best to be true to the song content and subject matter. I’ve been told that the new album is my best one yet - and I tend to agree - although it’s difficult to be objective when you’re so close to it. It certainly has felt like a step up onto another level of musicianship.”