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Field Medic new album & 2021 Tour

Field Medic Announces New Album with New Single, and Beach Bunny Tour Support | Floral Prince out 2nd October via Run For Cover Records

Field Medic

Throughout 2020 Kevin Patrick Sullivan, the Bay Area singer/songwriter known as Field Medic, has been sharing an enticing series of one-off singles, releasing episodes of his web series the field medic show, and inviting listeners into his creative world with hints at the mysterious Floral Prince. Today Sullivan has revealed Floral Prince: a collection of these previously released singles and seven other unheard songs that reflects his unique songwriting approach. Due out October 2nd from Run For Cover Records, the music on Floral Prince often finds Sullivan harkening back to the spontaneity of Field Medic's earlier work and embracing a looser, off-the-cuff process that compliments his endless well of songs and poetry. To mark the announcement, Sullivan has shared one more early taste of Floral Prince with 'i will not mourn who i was that has gone away,' a spirited acoustic singalong capturing everything that makes Sullivan's songwriting so captivating with just a few chords, his warm voice, and conversational lyrics.

Floral Prince exemplifies Field Medic's self-described 'full-time freestyle' method, bringing together songs that were recorded on the fly using a four track setup, drum machines, and a maximum of three takes—or sometimes even reworking pieces from the sessions for his 2019 full-length, fade into the dawn. This prolific songwriting clip also necessitated a less traditional path for Field Medic to release music; taking cues from the mixtape format, Floral Prince is something of a slice of life—a collection of raw vignettes and intimate creative moments that leans into the diary-like nature of Sullivan's songwriting and his desire to constantly create. The music on Floral Prince ranges from jangly indie folk, to atmospheric ballads, to unvarnished live takes, all led by Sullivan's effortlessly welcoming voice and heart-on-sleeve lyrics. The result is a musical patchwork quilt; each piece has its own beautiful details and nuances that can be admired individually, and when stitched together they can be appreciated in a whole new way.

The vinyl version of Floral Prince will also include an exclusive bonus track, as well as an additional digital download of plunge deep golden knife, a companion piece featuring six more songs from the Field Medic vault.