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Giles Read - Stories from the Lockdown - New release

Tales of hardship and hope during the lockdown have been captured in words and music by London singer songwriter Giles Read, whose new collection of ten songs launches on the music scene this week - and also aims to raise funds for struggling music venues.

Giles Read

Giles’ new album of songs, ‘Stories from the Lockdown’ (the Covid-19 diaries) which makes its debut through music site Bandcamp, focuses on how the Covid-19 virus has affected different lives. Each song is a fresh story about an individual and how the virus has impacted on their world. Giles will donate money from the sales of the songs on Bandcamp to the Music Venue Trust’s Crisis Fund.

“Every song looks at different aspects of the effects of the lockdown, from the struggles of the homeless to a student’s hopes for the future,” explained Giles, who accompanies his acoustic guitar to the whole collection. “The song ’Daniel’ is the story of a homeless man who has slept on the streets for ten years but now must seek a bed to avoid contracting Covid 19. Then there is ‘The A-Level Student’, which looks at Sarah’s world – she won’t have to take any exams but at the same time, has lost so many freedoms.

“While another song, ‘The Swimmer’ tells the story of Benjamin, a swimmer who has invested everything in training for the Tokyo Olympics which are now postponed, just at the time when he is at his peak and now not able to train.” Giles, from south west London, who has been writing folk/pop songs for a number of years, said he recorded these songs in a bedroom when snatches of time allowed, over a period of a month between April and May this year. “Writing these songs has been my medicine, my way of navigating through the immense changes I, and all of us, are going through,” Giles added. “If others can connect with these songs in some small way and if the money raised from Bandcamp sales helps just one venue, I will feel that the sleepless nights were worth it.” The album has been mixed by Chris Hill (Tom Hickox, Tim Dickinson, Arch Birds) with artwork by Will Hart at Subliminal Vision.

Stories from the Lockdown - Album Cover