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Bethany Graves

Bethany Graves

Bethany Graves

featuring Hannah McPherson

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Bethany's extremely versatile skill set makes her a tour de force in the London music scene, not only as a performer but as a composer and producer. Her experience arranging and composing for orchestra makes for a unique perspective when it comes to songwriting.

Her compositional skills come to the fore in Wild Eyes, written for soundtrack of upcoming feature film The Book of Laws. Bethany's music is influenced by songs such as Jolene by Dolly Parton and traditional folk and medieval and renaissance music.

Country-inspired guitar parts and winding melodies mix with orchestral arrangements, a driving drum beat and a rich choral landscape to create a unique sound that runs the gamut from ethereal to head-bangingly intense.

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Based in: England - South East

Area Served: Nationwide

Style: Contemporary Folk and Singer/Songwriter

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Contact: Tia Randolph


Bethany Graves