How to craft promotional copy writing that works

Subject – Promotional Copy Writing
Written – 28 Jul 2014

Updated – September 2018
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If you are about to create a new brochure, email campaign, blog, website, advertisement or poster then this article, on copy writing, is for you.

In this piece I’ll be exploring the art and alchemy of promotional copy writing and showing you a few psychological tricks that can be employed to help gain the result you want.

What is Promotional Copy Writing?

Promotional copy is writing designed to persuade your reader to take a specific action. The action can be anything from clicking a link to buying a ticket. The action is all important and it is the main aim of promotional copy writing.


Before we launch into the writing of copy, we need to think about how people deal with promotional copy put before them in its various forms of leaflet, flyer, letter, brochure, etc.

How many of you, like me, have received a flyer, given it a quick glance, screwed it up and tossed it into the bin without reading more than a couple of words? Just about everybody has done this and it gives you a clue as to what we are up against when producing copy.

People need a reason to read something. If they do start to read it, they then need encouragement to read to the end. When they get to the end they may not trust what they have read – why should your piece be any different to anything else they are bombarded with everyday?

In the quest to solve these problems we will be looking at:

  • The structure of copy
  • What to include
  • Ways to make copy writing more effective
  • Methods to improve engagement & response rates

Before we make a start, I need to explain some terminology I’ll be using, the Customer and the Product.

The Product – You, your event, the service you offer or the thing you are trying to sell will be referred to as a product . Although some artists will baulk at this, it is important to realise that in essence, this is what you are. So a singer is a product for sale, a comedian is a product; a band is a product and a dancer is also a product. If you are an agent you probably already have this mind-set and each entertainer you represent is a product to be sold just like each of the other entertainment services that you have on offer.

In a later article I will take a closer look at ‘products’ and ‘brands’.

Customer– I’ll also be referring to the person, group of people, company or business that buys your product, engages your services or buys your tickets, as the customer.

Making promotional copy writing effective

Copy writing is an easy thing to get wrong and many people do get it wrong. Even design professionals may concentrate too much on the aesthetic beauty of a brochure at the expense of a more important element –the text and the work it needs to do.

I’m now going to turn perceived wisdom on its head: that age old adage, “a picture’s worth a thousand words” is sometimes wrong. If you believe the old saying is correct, then think what it means if it is the wrong one thousand words that are communicated? More vital is good text. Before you cover your ears and shake your head in disbelief I will say pictures are very important but they must be used correctly and need to be of the right subject matter. I’ll go into that later but for now let’s look at text.

When writing promotional copy you need to take into account content, layout and style. Content is all important and is about the words, the message, creating pull and fashioning a call to action. The layout and style are also key factors that serve to make the piece look and feel right. A good layout will make the writing look easy to read and encourage the reader to read on to the end.

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