Learning Zone

The Learning Zone

When working in the music business, whether as a musician, a music venue manager or a full-blown festival organiser, there are many different challenges to be met.

These range from audience building, dealing with the press and social media, approaching agents and finding work right through to understanding and complying with a mass a regulations and laws such as copyright, event licensing, disclosure & barring service checks and more.

The learning zone of the Folk Roots List website explores, highlights and offers help on a variety of topics from performance and promotion through to business tasks and regulations.

This is a new section of the website and will take a little time to populate but here are the first few articles:

Choosing & Using a Microphone

Choosing a microphone and using a microphone

I talked about the voice in a previous article now I’m going to look at the next step in the chain – the microphone. There are many mics on the market that fall into different categories with varying specifications enabling them to handle different jobs.

In this article I’ll look briefly at how a mic works, the microphone types available, what to look for and mic technique.

How to write promotional copy that works

If you are about to create a new brochure, email campaign, leaflet, blog, website, flyer, advertisement or poster then this article, on copy writing, is for you. 

How To Look After Your Voice

A prolonged voice problem can become a very costly  experience when your livelihood depends on being able to sing or speak clearly. So let’s have a look at what the voice is and how to protect it. 

how to write a press release

Getting Free Publicity with a Press Release

A good press release can achieve remarkable things giving you coverage not only in your local newspapers but also in the national press and in glossy magazines. With the right approach this can be extended to exposure on television and radio for you and your act or business – all for free.

Running Community & Voluntary Events

This guide walks through the basics of running an event and gives guidance on event planning, licensing laws, food and drink sales, road closures, insurance and more. It provides a great starting point for anyone tasked with putting on an entertainment event which can be anything from a street party or village hall music event to a festival.