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Logo for Folk Roots List | folk music news and gigs website Folk Roots List is an offshoot of EntsWeb. It is a place where all the folk music news and dance, roots, acoustic, Americana and world music information and news is pulled together.

This page gives you an idea of what you will find here on the Folk Roots List website. It also shows how to get your news published and how you can add your gigs, tours and festival dates to the events diary.

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Add Gigs and Events to the What’s On Guide 

Add your folk, roots, acoustic and world music gigs, concerts, tours, folk club and folk festival dates directly to the What’s On diary and gig guide.

This is a free service to help you publicise your events & gigs. To add events, just click the red “Add a Gig” button found in the right-hand column of most pages when logged in. NB. The button is only visible if you are logged in.

Please note, all events are checked before going live and for security reasons, login is disabled every night between midnight and 6 am.

Aug 17 all-day
Blackbeard's Tea Party @ See Listing
12:00 am
Traditional songs and tunes are given a heavy rock edge with earth shattering riffs, playful arrangements and driving dance rhythms. Blackbeard’s Tea Party believe a [...]





The Learning Zone

This is the latest addition to Folk Roots List. The Learning Zone features ‘How to’ articles, workshops and a knowledge base dedicated to the music business. The aim is to cover and help with the many different problems you may come up against as musician, promoter or festival organiser.

In-depth articles will cover a variety of topics including looking after your voice, creative publicity, working with agents, rules & regulations, running an event, microphones, copyright, licensing and more.  GO

Adding Your News Releases to Folk Roots List

We love to hear your latest news. You can either add folk music news directly to the news section or send in your press/news releases for consideration.

Releases and photos, relating to tours, albums, folk festivals and other news can be directly added to the news section, along with audio and video. Just log in and add your news as a new post. This the surest way to get it published on the website. Please note that all post are checked before going live and for security reasons, login is disabled every night between midnight and 6am.

Alternatively you can send your press releases and folk music news to the Newsdesk but be aware that the high volume of email sent means your news release is less likely to be used than if you add it directly to the website yourself.

If you are unsure how to go about writing and using a press release, check out How to write a good press release.

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