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For the purpose of this website, the term folk music loosely encompasses all styles of folk music and dance, Americana, world music, acoustic blues, bluegrass, other acoustic music, roots music and dance, singer/songwriters and other genres and styles of that ilk.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this section is dormant but will become active again as soon as the situation stabilises.

Dates were constantly being added then cancelled due to lockdowns and restrictions. This not only created a lot of maintenance work for the list but also made it a tad unreliable. Add to this the general paucity of any live music, and a situation is created where the only sensible thing to do is hibernate the gigs zone until things stabilise.
We will be back.

Attn: Musicians & Promoters

When the gigs start rolling in again, please submit them for listing on the FRL gig guide. This gets your dates in front of our readers as well as blasted over our social media channels.

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