Lost Crowns, Bob Drake, Bing Selfish, Hibiki Ichikawa! Exciting

July 19, 2019 all-day Europe/London Timezone
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Lost Crowns – Lost Crowns was formed with the intention of redefining the over-stretched term psychedelic with joyous, fluttery music whose relentless complexity suggests the full intensity of visionary experience. Band leader Richard Larcombe imagined wonderful sounds when reading about the psych bands of the 60s but when he got round to hearing their music he found most of it disappointingly conventional. Determined to bring to life the music he’d expected he formed Lost Crowns from London’s weird music scene, and members of the band have also played with Cardiacs, Knifeworld, Prescott, Stars In Battledress, William D Drake and the North Sea Radio Orchestra. The songs are unpredictable mini-symphonies, with clarinet, harmonium and Mellotron careering wildly around the guitars and double-kick drums. It’s exceptionally elaborate, with a thousand and one notes and bar lengths, but played not with the attitude of flashy prog but in the lysergic mood of helpless surrender.

Bob Drake- Bob has been playing a lot of instruments with – and recording – all sorts of, bands since the early 1970’s. He was an important part of Denver’s underground music scene from 1978-1989 and a founding member of both Hail and Thinking Plague. In the early 1990’s in Los Angeles, he engineered for a wide variety of artists from Ice Cube to Shirley MacLaine. After moving to Europe he joined fellow expatriate Dave Kerman to become part of the 5UU’s. In 1994 he started making a series of extraordinary solo albums – of which his latest, L’Isola dei Lupi is the tenth. He lives at his studio in Southern France, where he has engineered and mastered an awful lot of albums. He is also known for his definitive re-mastering of classic albums by Art Bears, Cassiber, Henry Cow and others.

Bing Selfish- Essential for anyone who thinks that rock, politics and humour can’t occupy the same mental and aesthetic space – The Wire (UK)

Hibiki Ichikawa

Hibiki is the only professional Tsugaru shamisen player in Europe. Tsugaru is the northern region of Japan, which has its own regional percussive style. His set normally consists of traditional folk songs and improvisations. Amazing, vertiginous, exciting, enlivening!!!


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