Gwenifer Raymond (plus Brothers Gillespie)

March 22, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Gosforth Civic Theatre
Regent Farm Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Outstanding trancendental acoustic guitar in the American Primative style from the wonderful Gwenifer Raymond. Gwenifer began playing guitar at the age of eight shortly after having been first exposed to punk and grunge. After years of playing around the Welsh valleys in various punk outfits she began listening more to pre-war blues musicians as well as Appalachian folk players, eventually leading into the guitar players of the American Primitive genre. Recent radio exposure has included plays by Iggy Pop on BBC 6 Music´s Iggy Confidential, sessions on BBC R2´s Cerys Matthews show and, 6 Music´s Gideon Coe and R3/Verity Sharp´s Late Junction. She released her debut LP You Never Were Much Of A Dancer on Tompkins Square earlier this year to rapturous response. She has found herself equally embraced by fans of old-west and equally, by left field/experimental audiences.

The Brothers Gillespie: Bardic troubadours of the Northern wilds with a sound driven by the lyrical interplay of guitar and fiddle, and two voices instinctively weaving harmonies.

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