Ida Wenøe tours the UK from 18th – 30th April. ‘The Things We Don’t Know Yet’ is out on 12th April, preceded by a new single on 1st March.

Wistful and mesmeric vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar and given a very light wash of Americana.

With support for Ida’s previous output from BBC 6 Music’s Tom Ravenscroft, Marc Riley & Gideon Coe, and praise from the likes of Clash MagazineWonderland and The Guardian, her songs clearly resonate in experienced ears, blending her Nordic Noir heritage with hints of Americana and English folk. To list artists she sounds like would be to miss the point entirely – as anyone who has witnessed a live show can attest, Ida Wenøe is very definitely Ida Wenøe.

As the follow-up to debut album Time of Ghosts, songs for the new record have been tested and honed on the road via numerous live dates in Italy, Denmark, USA, Germany & Austria. Ida’s hectic touring schedule has also informed the subject matter of the new album:

“Through these songs I try to remind people to take the time to think, to love, to know love, to look around and to look inside ourselves. To dare to be, without being someone. To stop before walking, instead of running without thinking. Let the things we don’t know yet, be the things we don’t know yet, until we do. Find the patience to enjoy this moment instead of always running for the next one.”

Ida Wenøe tours the UK from 18th – 30th April. The Things We Don’t Know Yet is out on 12th April, preceded by a new single on 1st March.