Jonathan Kelly Digital Downloads

As of 11th January all four of Jonathan Kelly’s RCA albums, ‘Twice Around The Houses’, ‘Wait Till They Change The Backdrop’, ‘Waiting On You’ and ‘Two Days In Winter’ are available as digital downloads.

Jonathan recorded five albums, none of his albums have ever been available as digital downloads before. The first on the Parlophone label only had a limited CD release in Japan & his four RCA albums were only available on CD via BGO records, who deleted the last two albums from their catalogue a few years ago. Bootleg versions of these albums have been appearing on ebay depriving Jonathan of much needed income. For this reason I increased my efforts to get these albums available as digital downloads. I have to thank Oli at Sony records for finally making this possible.

Jonathan Kelly

Jonathan Kelly (real name Jonathan Ledingham) was born in Ireland in 1947. He became a very popular singer songwriter in Ireland before moving to the UK where under the management of Colin and Joanne Petersen he changed his name to Kelly and became a very popular act, especially in the folk clubs of the early 1970’s. His concerts were legendary and he stole the 1970 Cambridge Folk Festival after filling in whilst there was a PA problem. His released five albums, the most famous being the 1972 release ‘Twice Around the Houses’ also included his most famous song ‘The Ballad Of cursed Anna’ which is still being sung in folk clubs around the world to this day.

Jonathan retired from recording and performing in the late 1970’s but came out of retirement in the early 2000’s to perform a short UK tour in order to thank his many fans for their support. Sadly in the past few years he has suffered from Dementia and this is now at an advanced stage.

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