Vanessa Anne Redd Announces New Album ‘Zumbo Waxes’ (25 January 2019) | Shares First Single ‘When I Compare’

Vanessa Anne Redd

Half-German London-based singer-songwriter Vanessa Anne Redd has announced the releaseof her second album Zumbo Waxes on 25 January 2019 via SharpAttack Records. She also shares the album’s first single When I Compare accompanied via an hypnotic moving still life video. 

Described by Redd as “a gothic folk fairytale of sin and salvation”, Zumbo Waxes is rich in atmosphere and emotional texture. Classic and percussive guitar, cyclical octave range of piano, baroque-esque string arrangements, Hammond organ, percussion and tape effects meld together and are laced with Redd’s fragile and bewitching vocal. It’s a sound that flirts between the jagged electric guitar of Angel Olson, Holly Golightly or PJHarvey, the intimacy of Leonard Cohen and the off-kilter theatre of Regina Spektor, Hunky Dory-era Bowie and 1970’s Scott Walker. 

Conceived in the Victorian in Florence, Italy, Zumbo Waxes is acollection of ten songs which takes its name and influence from the 17th-century baroque sculptor Guetano Giulio Zumbo. On Zumbo Waxes Zumbo’s macabre works of anatomy, plague, early science and religious salvation is mutated into songs shot through with the bittersweet tang of forbidden fruit, existential angst and spiritual yearning. 


1.     Battle

2.     Nightbirds

3.     What’s Next

4.     No Sacrifice

5.     The Breeze

6.     Dirt Wheels

7.     Trans-cendence

8.     When I Compare

9.     No More Alarm

10.   Writing’s On The Wall

The video for first single When I Compare  is part of a wider film of moving stills accompanying the entire album. Each song is translated through a psychedelic colour sequence that we travel along following the transformative journey into battle and through different states and realms. Inspired by films such as Closet’s L’enfer, Sayat-Nova’s The Colour of Pomegrantes and Vêra Chytilová’s Daisies, rman Folk tales and Alice in Wonderland

Zumbo Waxes was recorded at Gizzard Analogue studio in London over three days. Co-produced by Redd with Ed Deegan, the record uses single takes to tape without edits, save additional guitar lines, backing vocals, strings and trumpet overdubs. 

Zumbo Waxes is released on 25 January 2019 via Sharp Attack Records and available digitally and on vinyl (Catalogue no.: ATTAC23/ATTAC23V). 

Following dates in Germany, Vanessa Anne Redd plays Servants Jazz Quarters, London on 29 November.

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