Murpykid ‘Wolf’ : New Single & Illustrated Video Out Today

Murphykid - Wolf

‘Wolf’ is the third single from successful illustrator-turned singer-songwriter Murphykid (aka Yorkshireman Al Murphy). It follows ‘Breaking Bread’ (October 2017) and ‘The Underground’ (August 2018) which premiered on The Line of Best Fit and Clash respectively.

All the singles are taken from Murphykid’s very long-awaited debut album Skeletons and ‘Wolf’ in its raw lyrically honestly and introspection is very befitting of the long-player as a whole, written as it was in a time of heartache and reflection. As Murphykid expands:

“The ’Wolf’ from which this song takes its title is the old black dog… written at a time where the coming of night was something I didn’t look forward to because it exposed anxieties easier to ignore with the distractions of daytime.”

Murpykid – Wolf

Skeletons is a record with a heart-breaking vulnerability both lyrically and in Murphykid’s vocal delivery, simultaneously adrift but emotively present, yet his personal turmoil is long gone. For Skeletons was written 14 years ago, back in 2004, when Murphykid left his new life in London and returned to the North following a break-up, pouring his pain into what he describes as his “folk miserabilist” debut.

At the time there was a flurry of label interest but Al Murphy’s career as an illustrator took off, taking him to Berlin and New York City, until very recently when the Skeletons demo was rediscovered by a management company, and Murphykid persuaded to share its wistful, melancholy beauty with the world.

‘Wolf’, as with all tracks on Skeletons, was originally recorded on an eBay bought eight-track reel-to-reel in a cold shed somewhere in Yorkshire in 2004. Then lovingly restored in 2017, with additional recording work at Kensaltown Studios, Ladbroke Grove.

‘Wolf’ will be available as a digital single on 21 September and accompanied by a video created by Al Murphy (aka Murphykid in his illustrator guise). Murphkid’s long-player Skeletons follows on 12 October, distributed by Believe.

Digital Single Released: 21 September 2018
Distributed via Believe

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