Elles Bailey | ‘The Road I Call Home Tour’ Live autumn dates.

Elles Bailey

Rising star Elles Bailey continues her onwards and upwards ascent of the mountain of country rock heading for the high ground and peak, and is announcing ‘The Road I Call Home Tour’ that will hit the road itself this Autumn 2018.

Elles’ new material follows on from her successful and critically-acclaimed debut album, ‘Wildfire’. Maverick Magazine awarded ‘Wildfire’ top marks (5/5) and predicted that “If Bailey can follow this album up with something equally as good as ‘Wildfire’, there’s no reason why she can’t hit the heights (Taylor) Swift did” With her new material, Elles proves that she can successfully continue that climb.

Live venues and performance are important to Elles Bailey, crowned “The Blues Princess” by Blues in Britain. She’s brought her genre-crossing music to fans in her own headline tours before, and also played festivals and toured with other artists, like Jo Harman, Wille & The Bandits, and Eric Gales. She’s also, this year, been promoting the work of small, independent music venues, like Little Rabbit Barn, for whom Elles recorded a special set of downloadable tracks to support them.

The Road I Call Home Tour


27 – Worcester, Marrs Barr
28 – Carlisle Blues Fest
30 – Half Moon, London £12


03 – The Met, Bury £12
04 – The Flowerpot, Derby £12
05 – The Philharmonic, Liverpool £10
11 – Fat Lils, Witney £12
12 – Arlington Arts, Newbury
13 –Live Music Club, Coolham

18 – The Bassment, Chelmsford £8
19 – The Shed, Leicester £9
20 – Supporters Club, Hartlepool £16.50
21 – Bangor, Blue Sky Cafe

26 – Old School Hall, Maidstone
27 – Little Rabbit Barn, Colchester
28 – OPEN, Norwich £10


22 – The Tunnels, Bristol
24 – Blues at the Bowl, Southampton


15 – Tetbury, Goods Shed