House Of Hats debut album out this Monday

house of hats

House of Hats are set to release their debut album in a few days time on Willow Walk Records. Produced by Grammy award winner Pete Smith (Sting, Joe Cocker, Squeeze) the band combine harmonically rich, passionate folk, albeit juxtaposed with sharp, concise production values.

Only performing live since 2012 (you’d never tell from their polished live set-up) last year the band played, among others, Cambridge Folk Festival and Secret Garden Party. Zoe Ball was quick to realise the beauty of the live show, tweeting the band after the Cambridge Folk Festival set:
“@houseofhats your set was stunning. Such harmonies. Stayed with me.”

Recently a House of Hats track, ‘Across the Universe’, was used on a feature length film ‘Common People’ that was spotlighted at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. The band have also just returned from the Netherlands where they performed with Will and The People and played well received sessions for Radio 1  & 2. Comparisons with Fleet Foxes will undoubtedly arise, both bands share an innate gift for melodic overtones that make tracks feel at once fresh and new, but also evoke distant memories of camp-side sing-alongs and long forgotten traditions.

The band have, in the past, supported the like of: Roo Panes, Larkin Poe, Mark Mulcahy and Luke Sital Singh.

A five week UK tour has been booked for Feb / March 2014 to promote the new album, with shows from London to the West Country, to Scotland and back.

Ray Lamontagne, Johnny Cash and Gillian Welch have been name checked by the band as influences, all undoubtedly true, but House Of Hats have a signature sound of their own. A sound that is set to be unleashed upon 2014